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Def TD5 fuel pump problem

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Hi fellow landy lovers

I am new here and my name is Markus (i cant seem to find where to add a signature on this forum???)

i have a '90 RRC 3.9l V8 & a '04 Def 110 double cab.

i have been having this dillema with my 2004 TD5 diesel pump. as soon as the car has used say 30l - 40l (or more) of diesel and then stands for a few hours, she won't start until primed if i use 20l and then park on a hill she also won't start.

now i noticed when i changed the fuel filter that after taking the drain tap out the diesel is supposed to drain and then stop running. mine didn't. after filling half an ice cream tub with diesel, i eventually realised it was not going to stop and just changed the filter while diesel was slowly draining. this seems to indicate to me that there must be a one way valve somewhere that is not working and when the vehicle stands after i have used say 20 or 30 litres of diesel it seems to flow out of the system and results in the vehicle having to be primed in order to start again. i have always been able to start the vehicle after priming and she doesn't cut out after that. i do however fill up shortly afterwards and then the problem is gone. i don't suspect the fuel pressure regultor as i am sure this would result in the problem happening even when the tank is full. is there such a valve or is this a typical problem related to the pump going?

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks


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The fuel filter housing has a none return valve in it and these are very common to fail...can only be replaced in the whole unit.....this might alow the pressure to drop enough in the cylinder head as not to start.

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