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Water Pump


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I have a Discovery TD5 (1999) 57K miles only and have recently relocated with it from the UK to Malaysia where it is hot all of the time. I am only in possession of a Haynes how to fix it manual for the vehicle not a workshop manual. I have a slow loss of water which from stains near the water pump I assume it is leaking in this area. The start of the stain is below a flange forward of the water pump hose connection boss under this cast flange (making it difficult to see the precise origin rather than the area of) that maybe part of the housing/structure to which the power steering pump and the water pump are mounted. Are there two gaskets associated with the water pump one for the rear cover and one for the water pump casing (into which the water pump fits) to this housing/structure? If not I am at a loss as to where exactly the leak can be coming from and therefore how to 'mend' it.

I had the foresight to bring a water pump and cover gasket with me (amongst other spares) as everything for a Landrover is expensive here. But the Haynes manual suggests taking the turbo off and the oil centrifuge which needs new gaskets which I will source in the UK. But I do not want to start the job without all of the bits I need which means I need to locate the origin of the leak.

Can anyone point me to an exploded view diagram of the water pump/steering pump assembly so that I can be sure of what the problem is, please. Or throw some ideas at me. I suspect that the forward 'O' ring may be passing water which means it may not show up at the rear water pump cover plate. The pump seems fine but it is low mileage but 12 years old!


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Have a look in the technical archive forum on there - the leak is from what is called the "P gasket" (hope you took one of those too) and there should be an excellent step by step guide in there by Les Henson :)

Here you are:



One of those should sort you out :)

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Thanks for your answers. I think I was given a 'P' gasket by a reseller in the UK which i have lost moving to Malaysia. So i need a new one anyway. Would prefer not to take the turbo off but have to relocate the new AC compressor. Local Chinese mechanic mentioned a filter on the water line then proceeded to show me in an exploded view diagram o metal oil filter in/on the side of the block. What's that about or is it earlier version (300i).

To do the work (change the water pump) the local price is RM80 (Ringetts) or £16 equivalent. Fuel is 40p a litre. Some benefits to being here

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