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90 suspension lift and prop measurement


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Im trying to work out how much lift my 90 has had

Ive measured from the floor to the wing top and its 42.5 inchs and centre of wheel to wing top which is 29 inchs

Can someone measure theirs and let me know?

Also front prop slider splines are sticking out by 1.5 inchs any recomendations for the correct prop or supplier?

Many thanks


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I assume when you say axle stop you mean bump stop?

If so i have just measured between axle and bottom of axle bump stop 75mm and axle to bottom of chassis 135mm.

So by my reckoning its had a 2 inch lift does that sound right?

As for the prop i have serviced the car today and noticed damage to the chassis in a couple of places and the sump pan, both in line with where the prop u/js are so its probably had a major failing and any old prop has been stuck on.


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