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windscreen chip type mark

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am hopeing there may be a solution, on my windscreen there is a flaw, when the wiper wipes it leaves a slight bead of water , ive cleaned screen but there appears to be a chip but its more like a raised pimple in the glass.

does any one know if this can be polished out or is it new screen time ??

any help would be great as ive just bought sill blades and dont want to wreck them but also cant wait to try them !!

thanks in advance


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Use a glass scraper to see if it can be removed, I would be very surprised if there was a raised spot on a windscreen but I suppose you never know. If you don't have a glass scraper just use the flat edge of a Stanley knife blade, it might just be some tree sap (or similar) which will come off with the right encouragement.

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