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Cleaning up brake fluid


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I think the stuff is quite corrosive, so what is adequate to clear up a spill on metal? There is some on the chassis leg on my 110 - is it ok to wipe it up and then spray down with brake cleaner or is there something more i should do??

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Brake fluid, in itself, is inherently non-corrosive and contains corrosion inhibitors (make a hell of a mess of some/ all of the brake components if it wasn't!)

The earlier DOT3/4 (non silicon based) types as used in your average Landy are highly effective paint strippers of cellulose based paint/ petroleum based underseals. Suggest you wipe off the softened paint/ underseal. Wash with hot soapy water and reapply whatever protection was on there in the first place.

If the chassis is galvanised- don't worry about it!

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