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Always on a Sunday

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Gents my TD5 has decided to start leaking diesel from the filter that's ingeniously mounted next to the off side rear wheel.

Firstly is this known as a filter or separator ?

Secondly after I've changed it (can't bloody get one on a Sunday,) will I need to bleed the fuel system or is it auto priming?



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it's the main fuel filter, check the water in fuel transmitter is still securely attached.

Thanks Ralph,

Mine doesn't appear to have the transmitter, the wiring is there shorted out but nothing on the filter, filter fitted is a Mann WK730/2 is this from a TDi?


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The new filter has a threaded blanking plug where you would normally screw the water sensor in (you swap it over with a new O-ring that should come with the filter)

The water sensor thread is plastic and can easily break or strip on the metal filter- hence the probable reason why it's missing. Interesting that the Defender has a steel cover to protect the filter, but the Disco doesn't. The system will self bleed when you turn the ignition on - listen to the squishing/squirty noise as air is expelled out. Once the pump falls silent, then start the engine and let it idle for a short while.


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