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Low box gone AWOL

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Hi All

I have a 200Tdi 110 Defender and since owning it the low box doesn't enguage (had it a year)

I took the transmission tunnel out yesterday and all the linkages seem to be fine,one has a slight bit of play but it all seems to operate ok.

There doesnt seem to be enough movement when pushing the lever forwards(if that makes sence)The normal Hi position seems to be where i would expext neutral to be, and the neutral position is where i think the low box should enguage.

Is there some way of adjusting this without taking the box out.



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Well its all sorted. Low box has returned.

I moved the splided selector back to get the lever in the right position,but it still would not engauge low range.

While moving the lever back and forth I noticed that the bolt through the linkage on the transfer box was fowling the gearbox casing. I took the top bit of the transfer selector off and turned the bolt around and bingo, its all good.

thanks for the advice.


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