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Tech gearbox advise (really urgent)

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Hi there. Two overland travellers are here in my city, and today they went for an under car inspection, finding there is a gap in one side of the gearbox-flywheel, like one of the bolts were loosen. Maybe photos can help to understand:

This is the place in the car:

Where the paper goes is the gap, we could introduce a 75g paper bended with no problem. The other side of the gearbox is ok, no paper can get into.




Please tell us if this is normal or is a big problem, they have to follow travel to US, with no Land Rover workshop in the middle. Thank you in advance.

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Not normal at all. Its almost as if the bellhousing bolts have come loose where they bolt to the gearbox. I would think that would put a lot of strain in the spigot bearing and the input shaft to the gearbox and could result in quite abnormal wear. What is all the fluid we can see - clutch (slave cylinder)/engine oil (crank oil seal)? To tighten the bolts its a case of dropping the box or engine.

What engine/box are we looking at here?

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