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what's all the gold coloured stuff then?


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I drained the transfer box oil (transfer box is the one with the large rectangular plate on it right?) and found streams of microscopic gold coloured particles (bronze?) plus a few slivers of the same stuff at the bottom of the container.

The tiny amount doesn't worry me but I am curious as to what component(s) these can be(are) from?

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possibly the thrust washers that locate the intermediate gear, otherwise I'm struggling to think of anything else that is brass or bronze in there, can't remember if the hi-lo selector fork is bronze or not

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selector fork is bronze, but my guess is the thrust control washers for the intermediatte gear, take the plate off the bottom (the one with the drain plug in), remove handbrake assembly, then theres a shaft that runs through the middle of the intermediatte gear which is held in by one nut on the rear, pull the pin out (sometimes a bit siezed in there) and catch the intermediatte gear as it drops out the bottom, shims are on front and back of transfer case inside, inspect for wear.

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