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Bulk LPG Tanks at Home


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Evening all,

We are now going through a couple of hundred litres of LPG every week and pay varying prices according to the suppliers.. We also had a bit of a close call a couple of weeks ago when for some reason, my nearest two garages were out for a couple of days.

I'm therefore seriously thinking about installing a bulk tank in the garden with a little pump to fill the cars. Has anybody got any tips on where to get the tanks and fittings?

Do I need to get planning permission? I believe the tank has to be located so that the delivery driver can see it when he is pumping but does it need a certain sized foundation etc.

All thoughts welcome... :D


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A friend did this, the tank [iIRC was 500litres] was mounted on a steel reinforced concrete base about 4 to 6 inches thick, tank/pump/fill hose/meter was IIRC on hire from Calor & recharged every month, or when requested not sure how much the hire/maintenance/recharge with gas cost.

LPG tank above ground & more detailed info


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Tanks are rented from calor roughly a pound a week, i know as i have a 2000 liter tank, no mains gas here in the sticks. But lpg is cheaper in local garage (10 miles away) than buying it from calor. Concrete base 6" thick reinforced.



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