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Rebel Replica's

Smudge 4x4

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I agree :( and would much prefer a "real" one!! :D , but I believe you can buy the plans alone, then source the bits yourself?

My son has got a Cheap 'N' Nasty electric quad bike and I was wondering how many of them he and his brother will get through over the next few years! :unsure:

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I built a Real Life Toys Jeep for my lad about 4 years ago (they didn't do any LRs at the time) and it's still going strong.

They're not in the same league as the Rebel Replicas but they're not bad either.

Was fairly easy to build and rather than buy the kit I chose to make all the bits myself which made it even cheaper :)

It's taken a lot of abuse but is remarkably resiliant for what's essentially an MDF box on wheels.

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We very nearly bought one on the spot at Billing 2 years ago. I am glad we didn't, a huge waste of money in my humble opinion.

I bought the boys a Mini a few weeks ago for £200 with T&T, its their car and they get the final say about paintjob etc. The boys are 4 and 5 years old :o I know I am too soft...I am worried about the MOT in October now as I don't think they are going to lose interest as I had thought :(

Will :)

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