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Searching across catalogues on the part number NRC7616 it is shown as for the Defender. As you say, no size is given, but it says the vehicle requirement is 4.

My Microcat doesn't show RRC models earlier than '86, and they have 4 bolt Power assisted system, using M12 x 100 bolts.

When did the country go Metric? 1971 wasn't it? So possibly the Metric size was used for the pre '86 vehicles. I'm assuming the 3 bolt means pre '86.

Note that, for some reason, I assumed this query was about the Range Rover steering systems. I now see the model isn't specified.

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Guest diesel_jim

AHA! i just looked through my military 110 parts list.....

NRC7616, bolt,self locking,UNF,steel, hex head, 7/16 x 4"

NATO stock number, 5306-99-722-3882 (should you need to order it through the MoD! :ph34r::ph34r: )

ahhh..... back to sleep now.... B)

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