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How to temporary fix a clutch slave cylinder


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whilst out in wales today my clutch slave cylinder decided to piddle out all the fluid on the floor leaving me stranded ;) A friend in the group said that i should try putting something thicker in so that it would not leak out as easily, so out came the EP90 and in it went :D It gave me a clutch for a good 20miles then it decided to piddle that out too :blink:. I did have to drive back from Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury without a clutch but the EP90 trick worked :lol:

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theres the "Turchan" fix for a slipping clutch - simply chainsaw into the bellhousing from underneath, cut a spanner into several pieces and hammer them into the clutch cover until the clutch is locked up. crawl out of section, remove spanner bits, drop gearbox and repair as normal at side of road, beer can the bellhousing back up and get back into competition. :)

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