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Sensor wiring


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White wire wil be sensor heater so connect one to +12v and the other to a good earth. The others are counter intuitive and so grey is sensor earth and black is signal.

Connect grey to the low current ms ground wiring where the other sensors (clt and iat) feed back to and then connect black to the lambda signal pin on the ms.

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Just resurrecting this to confirm as I thought I understood.

When wiring with a relay board, the blue wire from the board goes to the black wire on the fuel parts sensor. The grey wire from the sensor then needs to go to an ecu earth. Seem to remember Sam used one of the relay sockets for the pwm relay. Have I got it correct, as am just about to wire up a super seal plug?

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Yes I picked up heater earth and sensor earth at the redundant idle valve socket.

This was mainly because there isn't actually any earth sockets otherwise available on the relay board :)

And also my innovate lc1 destructions said to keep all the earths together.

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