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  1. BUMP! so I've been happily squirting for a few years now the wideband sensor I bought from euro car parts did not work, equivalent part number sure, but no good. i bought one in an innovate bag and it works good, just hooked up my wideband again so I can check out my tuning and see how things are wouldnt pass mot last year on emissions so we had to use another vehicle, but the point is I'm interested to see what my current CO is and at what AFR, I am tuned to 13.5:1 at idle, im going to play around with dropping the ego control to 500rpm rather than the original 1100 to see if it will tighten up the emissions for the sake of a slightly more lopey idle anyway the real reason for posting was I was picking up lambda earth on the spare socket on my relay board which would normally be used for fast idle valve, and during installing my wideband last night and Calibrating the heater I noticed I lost or perhaps even had no earth from the get go after some head scratching I found a burnt link on the relay board super easy to get around the problem, but just thought I would mention it so that folks don't make the same mistake in future!
  2. Gotta be a way of getting xcess4x4 stickers into the showrooms
  3. I'll have been and gone by then, 9.30-11.00am for me, gotta make a flying visit this year!
  4. yep the exhibitor list is something to behold ive been trying to work out a route round the place so we can see every stand without having to pass the megasquirt stand
  5. And yeah regards the splicing I read the method the other day, now I'm splicing everything in sight! Made a couple of extension lines from old ropes, well happy
  6. Andy at ruftraks makes the retainers and calls them plasma locks He sent me one for Xmas and I just fitted it the other day Bit of a faff seeing as I never used a retainer before, but if it's useful I'm happy
  7. I'll be there, getting there early and leaving by about 11, going offroading later in the day My disci will be parked outside the front door, I'll be around the show, I'll wear a red carnation
  8. Awesome! I watch it on YouTube every year, good luck!
  9. Hey most towbar fitters use scotch locks with great success In fact to be honest ive never experienced a bad result from them I'm not saying they're a good idea, but to give them they're due, they do work...
  10. change the gearing, keep the tyres many defender boys will straight swap with you!
  11. various megasquirt retailers now sell looms i had to do mine the hard way the only thing i would say with computer cables etc is they werent designed for the amperages you are asking the DB37s to deal with in an MS application on that basis, i'd carry on making your own, its not that bad!
  12. Thanks for that anderzander! Worth a call to David then!
  13. Gordon, Bowrope is more expensive than plasma! I'm going to see if I can get my hands on this brand new second hand rope that someone is selling, otherwise I think it'll have to be a 100ft plasma!
  14. Thankyou daan Another option has just come into the mix, 100ft 11mm budget, but price isn't yet confirmed As the price does have a bearing on it for me at the moment
  15. It's a champion 9.5HS so it's nothing special nor sizeable. And yes I was going to say I'm sure my 11mm is like a sausage now, especially when not under load! And yes I get it now, your extensions are just shorter than multiples of your winch rope and/or shorter extensions Very clever It basically boils down to 150+vat for 100ft plasma 9.5 180+vat for 125ft plasma 9.5 130+vat for 100ft budget 11mm 100+vat for 100ft budget 10mm Cannot decide
  16. this is a major consideration, but going thinner somewhat cancels out going longer! thanks gordon, i think on that basis i will only consider 125ft @ 9.5mm thanks for that great reply daan good to hear that you rate 9.5mm, and particularly plasma at that i think if i do choose a 125ft option i will see how it fares on the drum, if it gets too tight i'll just have to shorten it and learn the hard way i treat my rope with respect, it gets a good wash out after every day of use, and do try to avoid abrasion where possible, but of course its not always that easy im trying to figure out your -5ft theory, sounds very clever but i cant quite grasp the thinking, would love to hear more on that 190ft extension btw?!?!?! awesome
  17. Marvellous! No wonder they are so resilient!
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