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what year was the fuzzy headlining superseded by the smooth vinyl?

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i was just wondrin'....oh, i've already said it in the title. well that saves me from wittering on. i can't stand wittering. witter, witter witter. drives me potty. nothing more annoying than excessive witter. :P

i got a fuzzy type one off ebay to fit to a 300tdi project, i know it's not the right type for that, and that made me wonder which model it would have come from originally.

incidently, if anybody wanted a very grubby but sound fuzzy period rooflining (with back and side pieces) to swap for a main panel in vinyl, i'd be game...

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approx 1987, when the window glass got thinner, the grey radio mount was introduced, seat runners changed from 2 bolts to one bolt etc. Many years ago I had a 90 D reg CSW with the brown headlining, and a F reg 110 CSW with the vinyl.

The old stuff looks dated but seems to be far more hardwearing then the vinyl stuff.

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