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Good New, Bad News


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Dropped the Landies in for MOT today.

90 passed, clean bill of health :)

Disco has been kept in for a spot of welding :(

Hey ho, at least I've still got transport and given is been a great day I got to drive with the top down this afternoon. OK, maybe not quite PC but hearing a kid shout, "cool jeep" still put a smile on my face.

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umm maybe not

probably a more sedate "excuse me young man could you come over here for a moment. I am glad you like my LANDROVER and I really like driving my LANDROVER. One day would you like to drive a LANDROVER because I think you'd look quite good in a LANDROVER better than a chavved up nova, clio so remember a name and the name is repeat after me LANDROVER.Now run along and get a job to earn money to buy your first LANDROVER"

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maybe not quite PC but hearing a kid shout, "cool jeep" still put a smile on my face.

personnally I'd a jumped out and clobbered the kid saying it not a F*****G J33P it's better than that It's a LANDROVER

I useally respond with " thats fighting talk, it not a bloody Jeep"

Our truck is being moved to aus by Robinsons removals and they put all over the payper work that "house hold stuff and Jeep to move to Brisbane"

Went to see them and sat down in a meeting with them and first thing i bought up was to get them to change all the payper work to say Land Rover and not Jeep

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