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tdi problems


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I'm having problems  since getting blue back on the road, it's as if she's been possessed by some malevolent spirit.

Sunday the head gasket went, so did that Monday (3.5 hours start to finish), since then I've had a problem with the power.

When you hit 3k rpm, the engine dies, as in loss of power, and the boost drops off as well. Accompanied with this I can see quite a lot of blueish smoke coming out of the exhaust. Under 3k she's fine.

I've changed the lift pump, turbo and I fitted a known good head as I would rather get the one removed checked before using it again.

The sedimentor is clean (cleaned it last week while building up the chassis) and has been checked just in case.

There was a slight drip from the spindle seal on the pump last week, which stopped after a day or two. Other than this annoying problem, she's running fine.

Could it be the leak on the IP is letting air in under load (even though it's not dripping any more) or should I consider changing the injectors (I have 2 spare sets) in case one is faulty?

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