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  1. Challo

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    An another https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Range-rover-sport-modified-camo-can-be-take-off/303099188152?hash=item46921e93b8:g:GLYAAOSwF59cjjKU Scarily I think these people are breeding.
  2. Challo

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

  3. Challo

    300tdi belt squeel (again, sorry)

    What I usually do is very very carefully with engine running is to sandpaper the edges of the belt. It' never failed to work for me.
  4. Challo

    10 best uk routes

    I think the pass of the cattle has got to be included. A169 Pickering to Whitby. Hardknott pass. Strines Moor A6013 through Wigtwizzle. B1363 Sutton Bank to Easingwold. Llanberis pass. West coast road of Mull. All memorable.
  5. Challo

    Battery Rattle Gun ? Recomendations please

    Air compressor silencer on the inlet about £5 ?
  6. Challo

    Turbo Tech - Need some good reference material

    Ross, Have a look at this_ http://www.turbotechnics.com/?page_id=14 Download the catalogue on that page, some useful reference in my opinion. Cheers Chris
  7. Challo

    defender 200tdi intercooler upgrade

    Have a look at ebay item 351427431668. I have got one of these to fit my 110 but it needs restoring first... Pipework and rad mountings need to be changed a bit though.
  8. Challo

    300tdi poor power still a problem

    I have stripped and cleaned my 300tdi injectors in the past. Used petrol to remove the bulk of the muck. Then bought a cheap ultrasonic cleaner from aldi or lidl and gave them 20 minutes in that. Reassembled using diesel as a lubricant. Maybe worth fitting new nozzles. Just make sure they are genuine Bosch as i haven't heard good things about the chinese variants.
  9. Challo

    110 200tdi csw B posts

    http://www.devon4x4.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=16&id=131443&Itemid=106 Have a look here. B posts are repaired somewhere in the thread.
  10. Challo

    Can Britpart Get Nothing Right??

    I've experienced the solid flexi hoses too. Not just a freak occurence then.
  11. Challo

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    Very interesting wiring loom.
  12. Challo

    110 - transfer box removal..

    I used Les's guide to change my transfer box. Worked a treat. Thanks Les.
  13. Challo

    300tdi poor power still a problem

    Don't want to sound insulting, but have you tried changing the fuel filter? Mine was well down on power and that sorted it. Must have been contaminated fuel as it was only installed about 4 months.
  14. Challo

    Mercedes om606 engine

    Have a look on superturbodiesel website for mercedes diesel. Lots of threads discuss what you want to know.
  15. Challo

    Scotland by Land Rover

    Killiechronan campsite on Mull is brilliant if lacking in facilities.You camp a few metres from the sea. No showers but there is a public swimming pool not too far away with sauna etc. Its has floor to ceiling glass with view over the sea with the mountains behind. I had an interesting time there, caravan electrics failed before we reached Scotland, fixed in a B&Q car park in Penrith. Flat tyre after landing on Mull, spare was perished. Had to wait 3 days for caravan tyres to Mull. Landed on Skye 3 miles later downpipe sheared off. Rang RAC who informed me i was only covered within 10 miles of home. Luckily they contacted a local garage who ended up welding it for £50. 2 miles before Applecross i pulled over to let a car pass. Didnt realise at the time but i had removed a corner of the caravan. Got to Applecross campsite to be greeted by a shower of foam coming out of the caravans innards. Opened the door to find a new floor covering had appearing made from instant coffee granules! Certainly was a memorable holiday.

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