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I have a Tired 3.5 V8 which has had an aftermarket cam installed 6 months ago....

Will this cam be a suitable replacement for a 3.9 V8 which I now have to replace the older 3.5 V8 unit?

Both Engines are V belt.

The 3.9 has had all new lifters and refreshed heads. ( Has not been run yet )

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It will fit but is it still I n perfect condition?

When it was fitted to the 3.5, we're new lifters fitted and it properly bedded in. Was the engine oil system in good condition or could the cam have suffered from insufficient oil?

For me, if you've gone that far in and are renewing everything else, I'd renew the cam too.

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Not a good idea.....not ideal as mentioned above. Camshafts don't like to be moved around, they wear very specific and if that changes they can accelerate in the wear department much easier.

If you really want to do this, was the aftermarket cam fitted with new lifters and run in the proper way in the 3.5, if yes change it over but mark every follower and put it in the exact spot it was, so what am did you fit to the 3.5 and who was the supplier?

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