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Detailed Dimensions/drawings

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Hi all,

Dad's just asked me a favour: he has a colleague at work who is trying to get some info on the 'current 130 hard top' - I'm not sure whether he means a 130, or a 110 hard top, as there isn't a 130 hard top as far as I'm aware. Anyone got any links or similar? I have asked for clarification on the vehicle

emails from dad/his colleague below:

My colleague was asking me about getting detailed dimensioned drawings of LR vans – seems LR themselves are not forthcoming with anything. Wondered if anyone on the forum would know where he can get such info? A company is trying to design a base station installation but don’t have details of the vehicle.

I would have expected all this would be on a website somewhere. Any ideas?

With reference to this morning’s discussion.

Any ideas on where/how we can obtain detailed internal drawings with measurements for the rear cab of the current Land Rover 130 hard top?

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There are various drawings that have been pulled together, but its only from what people have generally made up themselves, most drawing type material is deposited in the CAD archive under Tools and Fab.

What does he want the dimensions for? to fit his garage? or to make a scale model...?


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Perhaps that's your solution... he should be asking details from those coach build/conversion companies...?

It wouldn't surprise me though if you didn't turn anything up. I always wish that companies are more technologically advanced than they are, i'm often disappointed, you'll probably find the likes of the people who convert the electricity board trucks, they will have had a couple of different models in there workshop, then make mock ups of the desired internal bits, then simply reproduced the mock up design, as apposed to designing an interior from a digital drawing etc...

I started to draw an scale 3D model of my truck in Sketch-up but its very time consuming taking measurements from the truck, been a bit busy so its not got any further just recently.

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