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Replace glazing felt.


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There was a guide on door tops in one of the comics a while back. I must dig it out if i can find it. I think it involved removing the glass so may need to drill the rivets holding the lower strip. otherwise someone on here may know a better way.

I,ve got mine to do.....one day......... as the glass rattles something terrible.

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looks about right for dismantling, I recon some evostick impact should stick the felt back if you push/slide the window in to keep it tight in place. As long as you only glue on one side eh!

I' may change my round twisty locks for the lever up/down sort as I can never see or remember which way is locked/unlocked (although nor can anyone looking to nick it)

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Well what should have been an hour’s job took most of the day.
the Utubes video are correct BUT it took me nearly 2 hours to separate the channel/glass from the frame after all the rivets and screws removed. The military must have had it apart, maybe for painting, and kindly stuck it back together with silicone. New felt in place, doesn’t need glue it just beds itself in. Next job was to replace the door to door-top seal. The original rubber seal is flat with a raised ridge that secures it in a channel of the door-top. New one is has a curved lip running down one edge and a round tube like moulding running down the inside edge. Next problem was which way up for the external curved lip? Settled on facing upward over the edge of the door-top frame. Bolted it back to the door frame, which was a fiddle trying to keep the seal in place as I tightened the 2 nuts. Looked a bit naff from the inside but if this is the only replacement (mtc6224 now rrc7575) I haven’t got a choice. Closed the door to find the top left corner of door top was a good half inch away from the door seal. Whatever adjustments of hinges couldn’t close the gap. I twigged that it was the shape of the replacement seal acting as a wedge along the door, throwing the door top outward. Back on with the old seal and all well again. I had water leaks from the old seal hence replacement, hopefully silicone will suffice on the old seal !!

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I manage quite easily to replace the felt without having to remove the glass; wasn't as bigger a pain as i thought it would be. It was mostly taking the time when i removed the old stuff to see which way to slide the windows to fit first. As for the door seals,i got mine from a place near market weighton in yorkshire and they're the same as the originals i removed (PA Blanchard & Co). THe only issue i have had was replacing the window locks as one of the original holes for the rivet had been drilled too far over and the rivet wasn't actually doing anything.

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