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Series III Clutch Slave Cylinder Renewal.......


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Just discovered that the clutch slave cylinder on my Series III SWB is leaking.

I'm not going to reseal it, but to replace with a genuine part.

Anyone know if replacement is easy, difficult, or get someone else to do it?.


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Fiddly but not to difficult only two bolts holding it on bit hot water poured slowly over body around pipe connection helps to get that out the alloy will expand , people find bleeding them difficult generally slow steady pedal stroke then quick release and repeat till no bubbles make sure bleed nipple goes in top port.

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Or better still, clamp a bar across end of cylinder using the 2 attachment holes - may need to slacken off pipe clips for better access, then bleed. On 90/110s you can let the cylinder dangle vertically by the hose. Remove bar and fit to bell housing.

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Changing out the cylinder is very simple 2 bolts and a pipe.

A method I have used in the past to bleed/ fill the system is filling it from the slave cylinder. I used a large syringe 250cc and a short piece of tubing i use for bleeding the brakes. Just make sure al the air is out of the syringe before you start pressing it in. Don't forget to remove the lid of the master cylinder so the air can escape and if necesary you can top up the reservoir.

Hope this helps

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