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300 Tdi ABS Sensors

Stevie D

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Apart from the part no STC 1749 & stc1750 , and what appears to be a merged wiring loom in throgh a piece of flexi conduit for the back pair is there any difference in the actual front and back sensors?

My back ones are siezed in and will need a bit more than a tap to move them back into the proper position - I have a spare front set, so in the likely event that I damage the one or both of the back ones I was wanting to know if they are interchangeable?

I can read the wabco part no off the front ones but not the back.

Anybody ever changed them round or know if it's possible - otherwise I may just bite the bullet and spend a £100 odd quid on a new set / risk £25 for a chineese part off ebay?

Cheers Steve

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I can't answer your question about whether they're changeable front to rear, but I bought a replacement front unit a while back from here and it has worked flawlessly. It was £30 then, now it looks to be just £15 (ish)?


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