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  1. It's screwed on with self tappers down the door shut, accross the top about level with the gutter but on the inside, and bolted with 6mm screws along the waistline - again inside behind the trim, you'll need to take the the plastic c pillar finisher off - 7mm socket I think from the inside through the pillar - again behind the trim, then grind / cut / whatever 3 rivets off behind it, AND all the joints are bonded with black sickaflex type sealant. Go to the scrappy and take one off, then you have one to fix yours and know how it comes off - it'll take a good couple of hours to get off wihout causing any damage. Steve
  2. If the 98 is a late 300 tdi box then it shpoild bolt straight in - if it's from an early td5 then it's not a straight swat as the bell housings and inpur shafts are different.
  3. From memory the Defender didn't have the dampener gizmo fitted, I don't think you'll notice the difference unless your foot is on the clutch pedal / riding the clutch. May even make it easier to bleed the thing!
  4. Nice one - a common problem! I think there's somebody selling an aftermarket rubber / plastic replacement now, but it might cost more than it's worth to get it to SA?
  5. Stevie D


    I've stripped the std disco half leather seats before but never full leather ones , yours look like RR shape! Anything is possible with a bit of ingenuity...
  6. You can't beat the simplicity of the Defender wiring - I'm amazed at how much copper is in a Disco lol... according to the diagram the number plate lamp is on the lhs / near side circuit! Don't think the lower spec vehicles had the courtesy / red lamp in the trailing edge of the doors? It was a range rover thing afaik although the holes are all there for them, even the rear tailgate.... Enjoy the read....
  7. www.landy.ee/manuals/electricity/Disco_Elec.Troubleshooting%20Manual%20-%20LRL0077ENG%20(1997).pdf Had difficulty pasting the link so you'll probably have to cut and past - maybe an adult can fix it lol... I have a different version on DVD with the different years, but I've left it elsewhere. Steve
  8. Might not be fited - rave shows it on the 95 300tdi disco, fed from the multi function unti via a (UW) blue with white wire off pin 5 of the main lighting switch, and a feed off fuse no 8 off the right hand side lamp circuit - if it's fitted there should be 2 relays on the passenger footwell, and the resistor on the lhs of the bulkhead engine side, differs slightly on the later models... If you need it I may be able to post diagram later when I get home? Steve
  9. Think that's for the little motor for the headlight leveling if fitted! Just ignore it for now - there will be the same on the other side. Back to your problem - must be a dead short somewhere if it's popping the fuse so quickly - have you done the same exersize for the front of the vehicle - quite possible water ingress behind the dash, the relays are mostly in the kick panels, or above the passenger footwell (sorry don't recall which one you'd be looking for - rave manual will tell you) or maybe the switch? The loom for the back runs accross the dash to the passenger side a post and up along the roof / gutter line under the head cloth. It's held in place with duct tape and metal tabs - can often rub through - think there may be a multiplug to disconnect and isolate that section of the loom in the passenger footwell about level with the bottom of the dash. I think the head lamp looms exit both sides of the bulkhead just above the inner guard. Get your hands on the electrical troubleshooting manual - invauable for this sor of thing as it shows where all the relays, multiplugs, earths are for each circuit. Steve
  10. Thanks for the reply Andy 908mm wide seems to be the one i need with a quick measure with the tape rule in between showers - unfortunaley I need a std drawer for the back of the Disco, longline is too long - good luck with the sale! Steve
  11. I need the dimensions for the top of a set of the mobile storage solutions drawers if somebody could measure for me please, just the top chequered plate so I can screw down the side bins in the boot of the disco, allowing room for the big drawer when I get one at the rite price lol. Many thanks Steve
  12. Muck off! Sorry I'll get my coat... Think there's already a bicycle product with a similar play on words anyways lol Steve
  13. Don't forget the seat belt mounts, Nigel has mentioned the back ones, there's also a pair for the front seats, handbrake can also hang up, other than that you've got it covered.
  14. Paper /masking tape trick works well with a jubilee clip as a bit of a hard(er) guide too. Steve
  15. Nice idea... A few less places to leak lol... Think they are a few inches longer - the side widows are anyway. Then you'd need the edge of the original roof recessed to accept the bonded window or it would sit on top? Steve
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