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Lt230 help please

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Right I need help fast :-/ recently bought a range rover trayback with all the bells and whistles arb's etc,anyhow I removed the rear prop tonight to replace a worn uj not having the correct uj I selected diff lock to reverse it up the unit no movement??? So scrolled underneath to check for warn linkage etc,all perfect! Pulled it into what should be difflock with the spanner still nothing! The linkage and using the spanner to put it into diff all feel as if it should work with the same feeling as the road going disco I have? Which works? Seriously confuzzeled as it drives fine obviously with both props on,any ideas on what to look at next? Cheers paul

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If that's the case, you were right in your first assumption- for whatever reason, the diff is not locking. Try as suggested with the diff lock switch but if not i think you'll either have to strip it or probably easier is to find another box (it's not like they're hard to find lol). If you simply need to move it, apply the handbrake, the drive will then be forced to the front axle, regardless of whether or not the diff is locked

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