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Door Window Trim Alternative


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For my door rebuild I need new window channels for 4mm glass and I'm surprised how expensive it is for 2 x complete 'sets' so after a little bit of a search I find this:


At £4 a meter it should work out considerably cheaper!

However the reason of this post is;

  • To ask if any one else has used this? and/or is it suitable? Any perceived issues?
  • I wanted to bring it to the attention of anyone else needing new channels :i-m_so_happy:
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Don't the SIII club do a special on window channel? Don't think you need to be a member, might be worth a look.....

I did think about using series parts, but assumed they had 5mm glass because the early defenders were 5mm?

Series door tops are built differently to early 90/110 and mlitary defenders, I need something like this to re-build my early 110 Sw doors for my soft top crew cab 110. Is there anywhere that does all the rubber strips as well?

Not sure what you mean by the rubber strips? However the compnay linked above do various 'trim items' so maybe worth a look? Also, google 'car builder solutions' - they have a good selection of strips, seals etc too.

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