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Middle row seat frames


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I need to add a better set of seats for the middle row of my SIIA 109 SW. Does anyone still sell the Exmoor frame EXT010-3 or for that matter the frames for the individual folding seats from a SIII/Defender? I suppose the next question is whether the Exmoor seats will work on the Defender middle row frames.

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Oh I agree. I love that set up and in some form that was the plan...and then I moved to Switzerland. Here you can play the game with modifications but lets say the closer to stock, or at least the appearance to stock or having something off the shelf so you can give them a piece of paper, the better for my bureaucratic hosts.

She started life as a 67 NADA spec 109 but now the rest of the truck has a Chevy 4.8L inline 6 mated to an NP435 gearbox mated to a series TC so while, yes, it is still has theoriginal configuration of an inline 6 and a 4 speed gearbox, its just a whole lot beefier. Then there's the Megasquirt fuel injection, the power steering, the aircon (I used to live in the desert), the rock sliders and a thousand other little tweaks.

Some things they are pretty easy about and others they are anal. For the seats I just don't want to argue so I was hoping to just put in something off the shelf as there are much bigger fish to fry. Hence wanting something out of a late Series/Defender and bolt some Exmoor squabs onto the frames or the full Exmoor kit as I have seen both on vehicles here so want to follow the heard in that respect. I was just going to stump up the cash for the Exmoor stuff but I don't think they sell their version of the seat frame any more and I'm not sure their seat squabs bolt directly to the Defender individual middle row seat frames.

As you say, I'd like to say sod 'em but then what other non-bespoke options are there?

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