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Powder coating to Zinc plate or not?

The Saint

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I'm looking to freshen up the front of the buggy by having the front bumper and sump guard powder coated black.

I've emailed 5 local(ish) companies yesterday with photos of the parts that I need shot blasting and powder coating. Only 2 have replied so far.

The first company will shot blast and powder coat the parts for £110 + VAT

The second company will strip, shot blast, zinc rich prime, and powder coat for £60 all in.

So I asked the first company if they apply a prime before powder coating and their reply was "No need".

What are your thoughts on the Zinc prime? If it stops nuts and bolts going rusty, surely it should be a good thing under powder coat ?!?!?

Also the second companies price seems to be a bargain for what you get, am I missing something or should I be asking them a few more questions?

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Personally I wouldn't use powder coat on anything external, once you get a chip in the finish water will get under the coating and it'll soon start to flake off in big chunks.

That being said if you're dead set on powder coat then yes a zinc passivate or similar as an undercoat is a good idea. Where I work we powdercoat a lot of our components and if it's mild steel we tend to use a zinc yellow coat then powdercoat on top

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It's possible all the flaky coatings I've seen have been of a thin, weak, or cheap variety. To my knowledge I've not seen marine grade coatings

I'd find a commercial truck place that does paint. Get it blasted and then a decent 2k paint

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Powder coating is not the same as the sh*t plastic coating of old that was applied to bull bars and the like. Modern powder coating is very good, better than paint. We use it on wishbones, space frames of comp safari racers, and where it's worn off with hitting rocks, the ground etc. its not suddenly all flaked off around it. It's also cheaper than painting. Just had a full spaceframe and panels powder coated for £250. It would have cost £250 in 2k paint to do the same job.

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