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Reversing lights not working on my Discovery 2 Auto


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Can anyone advise if there is a reversing light switch on an Auto gearbox I found that my reversing lights had decided to stop working last night been on the net but cant seem to find anything and the haynes manual is only good for starting a fire with.

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been doing a little digging this after noon found that if you move the gear selector slightly passed or just before it clicks into position the lights come on need to look at it bit more to see if I can find out why but looking at the forecast for the next couple of days think I will be leaving it

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Its a combination gear shift lock-out and reversing switch, its located on the LH side of the box and held in position with a 10mm hex head bolt and clamp. the connection is a 4 pin plug. The switch is bloody expensive so you might want to see if your not-so-frendly local Land Rover wreaker has a good one for sale. Either way replace the rubber "O" ring to ensure you dont have an oil leak.

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