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Need a bolt


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Well, after bruising/bashing/cutting etc. most of my anatomy getting the Disco back together after replacing the flex plate, the only thing between me and hopefully a running truck is one damn bolt!! :angry2: :angry2:

When I took the old flex plate off, I spent almost 1 1/2 hrs with the impact gun trying to free off one of the bolts holding the flex plate to the TC. The bolt finally lost, but it got mangled in the fight, so I now need a new one. Is there anywhere online I can get one or is it my local LR dealer?

And before I get ripped for not getting one before now, I took it all apart about 3 weeks ago and having spent ages tonight looking for the fourth bolt, I remembered it was foobarred and I put it in my toolbox ...... DOH! :blush:

The joys of not doing the job all at once I guess? :P

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Thanks for the input guys. As it turns out, my local main stealer has them in stock and after postage from the online suppliers, LR works out about £5 cheaper! That's the trouble, parts are cheaper online, but unless you are spending £50+ the postage is silly.

Off to pick one up later then fit it tonight, might even have the truck running at last :D

Thanks again ;)

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She lives!! After nine months off the road, the truck is finally running :D

If anyone has a flex plate break, DO NOT do it yourself unless you are seriously into pain and torture! I've worked on cars/bikes for most of my life and this has got to have been one of the most awkward jobs I have ever done! I guess it is because everything is so much chukier/heavier than any 'normal' road car and not having a ramp is a real PITA :(

Still, after all that time without even turning over, she fired up within 10 seconds and runs sweet as a nut! Gotta love the 300TDi ;)

Thanks for the input on here, just got to sort out replacing the front sill body mounts now, then MOT time :(

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