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  1. discomikey

    kiwi series build

    Just a quick one on running through tube. It works fine for casual use, we ran it for 1 season on the Tomcat and it really affected the drag on freespool, so much so that I had to get james to tap out a lot of the time. It also packs with mud if you're ploughing dirt banks on approach, something to consider. If you keep it as straight as possible it would probably be fine. bends here are not so good purely because of the amount of contact between rope and the tube side.
  2. discomikey

    kiwi series build

    Hi mate. I co-drive (Winch bitch) in Ultra 4, so I may be of use. What we find we most commonly use (other than forward) is a direct backwards pull. But in certain situations we use the cage to pull sideways from near the main hoop etc. As a result we design the frames to incorporate strategic tubes and tube loops to throw the hook through and run round corners as rigging up pulleys takes too much time*. That is most commonly when winch ropes fail, so there must be a noticable increase in drag when pulling round the tube, but due to the spec of both the winch and the rope it is relatively uncommon these days. I'd definitely recommend over speccing both the winch and the rope here. With that setup we never really opt for an additional center winch. The additional weight and most importantly space penalty isn't worth it. *I won't teach granny to suck eggs about required structure and surface smoothness* It's nice to see some actual design time in your bracketry too!
  3. discomikey

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    They do rely on the electronics, I can't argue with that, But as a result, the TC and air system make the vehicles incredibly capable off road. Take even a full fat Range Rover off road and you'll be amazed at its capability and nimbleness! The suspension is not complex either.
  4. discomikey

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I don't disagree that in some markets simplicity will overrule the advantages of air. As far as I'm aware I have seen evidence they will be offering coil springs too. What I do disagree with is those who state the downfalls of a vehicle when they haven't actually given chance to prove itself yet.
  5. discomikey

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The p38a air system was by all accounts diabolical. I'm sure everyone will agree. However the control methodology and system is to blame there. I think it would be unfair to tar any JLR product with the P38a system brush. In terms of hardwear, yes parts will wear out, but If you aren't checking the general condition of your car regularly enough to spot bags that are on their way out then you can hardly blame the car can you?
  6. discomikey

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Well said! there are far too many nay-sayers for which any new vehicle will never be good enough unless it looks like a unimog and takes 40" tyres from the factory. I know from experience that platform IS robust! If you take a top class ultra4 car off road, you can break it. You can sit here and predict certain components will fail on even the most robust platform! There have also been defender mules rolling around on coil springs for those who combust into a ball of flames when mentioning compressed air.
  7. discomikey

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    It's D7U platform.. L405 L494 L460 and now L663. It's been around for a while it will be running these subframes. Those "tiny halfshafts" take a lot of shirt off road and in 3+ years of that subframe use in rally raid haven't caused a single issue, and I still stand by my previous statement that the D7u Platform walks all over old defender off road. They have reportedly been spotted completing some notoriously difficult trails out there in the past few weeks. I don't think it would have been planned per say to have some randomers turn up and take photo's, but they will know it's a popular trail and count on it! They obviously want poeple to see it out and about in the trails.
  8. discomikey

    Utilities/services vehicle mystery

    It was crashed. Otherwise a very tidy car. only 28k miles on the clock. The owner will be selling it when the rebuild is complete I believe
  9. discomikey

    Utilities/services vehicle mystery

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, It definitely looks like a remote siren outlet, Unfortunately the conduit has been cut off just behind the crossmember so I'll never know exactly where it went to. I rang the graphics company and they could tell me it was definitely ex RAF, but no more than that. Cheers,
  10. Hi All. I'm sure one of you lot on here will have had experience with utilities/services vehicles. I currently have one in the workshop, a 2008 90, for a full rebuild. It will be an as-standard rebuild. The 90 was used for some form of utilties/services workhorse in the past. Although it is of no consequence to the rebuild I would like to know what it did/was out of interest. Here are the details I know: It's a Fuji White 90 It was stickered up with some form of signwriting, there are references, presumably for re-ordering and repairing the livery. See photos, is the RAF in the reference number coincidental? There was an auxiliary wiring harness that had been professionally fitted to the vehicle. Disconnected now but integrated into the handbrake switch wiring, the fusebox and moving through to the battery box it split out to the front of the vehicle, with breakouts to each front wing at the light area. Heavy battery cables to behind the cubby box along with a multiplug. Too heavy to be a fuel burning heater and there is no evidence of a fuel supply ever having been fitted. There is a ducting that has been fitted to the front crossmember just behind the grill, it's an odd design for just an intake, as it's a slot cut into the side of a hard plastic tube. Ducting ran backwards under the front crossmember but has been cut off at the crossmember so I can't trace it back to any general areas. Any ideas would be appreciated. There are no extra holes or lights in the bodywork, no blanking plates or grommets. No extra wiring to the very rear of the vehicle so I doubt it's warning or blue strobes.
  11. discomikey

    custom dash project

    the plate is usually rubber mounted on the disco's. something thats probably worth mimicing.
  12. discomikey

    Twin Axle vs Tri Axle Trailer ?

    I can highly recommend the T6 transporter trailer. we have one at work and it has covered literally tens of thousands of miles in the last 3 years, from UK short trips to transporting cars to morrocco and supporting events out there. (their road quality is somewhat more questionable than even the UK! It's quiet, not like the equivalent Ifor trailer that it replaced. It's well built, smooth, follows extremely well and if you have a blowout loaded with a tri axle trailer at speed there is much more chance of keeping it together and bringing it to a safe halt. Yes, you do have higher service costs, that's undeniable and certainly a factor, but the brakes rarely need replacing. I've only just put a set of wheel bearings and brakes on our own Tri axle Graham Edwards trailer last year, we bought that in 2007 and it does get used more than average.
  13. I assume you have a C license then? A few of the ultra4 boys we run with take a rigid wagon. It seems handy, and our 6x6 Tatra service truck at work does the trick nicely. Even that can get a little small though when there's 4+ of you working on as many cars!
  14. discomikey

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    Exactly the same problem happens when my compressor kicks in, Que standing on the bandsaw bed, on one leg leaning over with a broom handle to reach up and flick the trip back on.. Usually missing the correct trip and knocking the rest of them off, having to reprogram the radio etc.... 🙈 I need a C or D type trip for that too!
  15. discomikey

    Is this practical

    I've been considering the same thing, Currently, my engine is too good to swap out, but if it died, would i stay TD5? The inner "take way too much work on" in me is half looking for a suitable V8 conversion, Not sure i want a Rover v8.. thats too easy, and why not put an easy 300+BHP in? Also considering pulling the TDi out my series in favour of something like a well played with volvo T5 engine.. That's probably more likely to materialise as a project.

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