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  1. Looking very good. If you're doing an ultra4 build definitely post your progress on a build thread! I saw U4 has now made it to aus. I can't wait to see some of the builds to turn up, hopefully something a little different to the standard styles Cheers
  2. The tubular outrigger may have a fair amount of cross sectional area but the loads won't work in shear, more bending. It entirely depends on what you intend to use your cage for. If you want a bit of protection in case of an on road accident, then in the event of said accident, if the chassis outriggers were to deform a bit but don't break off or bend too much (disclaimer - it still needs thinking about) then they have done their job, you walk away and the car is scrap. If you are intending on competition use, then this probably isn't good enough. You'll also have to factor in the fatigue loads that will transfer through the cage into the outriggers from elsewhere, mainly seen in hard driving conditions. I think the idea has mileage though. Bolted joints are often good because you know an 8.8 bolt of X diameter is good for Y load in Z loading condition. Welding is harder to gauge. Thinking outside the box though! I like it
  3. "jeep" 😂 You can find yourself applying all 567BHP of a SVR engined bulldog on desert tracks! I wouldn't want to do that in a 90 though!
  4. in a defender 90, you wouldn't want a great deal more. In something longer, or with modern chassis and suspension engineering you can get used to much more!
  5. not long now. if anyone asks.. it's important work!
  6. perhaps could you rivet together a bracket, instead of welding?
  7. I don't know a great deal about the details of air filtration. Only that OEM's make the best filters for their own engines. I would however suspect that the rubber mountings especially these days are more to do with NVH than with keeping the filter clearer of dust. It'd be interesting to make an experiment that would compare rubber VS solid mounted, but I wonder if there are too many factors to account for? One thing to note is also the weight of the filter and housing. Solid mounting that weight off an engine would probably require rubber mounts in order to reduce the effect of fatigue due to vibration. Mounted to the bodywork I personally would see this as less important
  8. I'll leave you to determine my 'hard off road' experience for yourself.
  9. While access in that particular body is yet to be seen. if you look inside a D5 V6D you can practically stand in there with it. Failing that, the subframes with engine and box fitted can be removed from a body in a couple of hours.
  10. The new defender has been seen, and well documented, on these hardest US trails in bog standard form. No need for 35's and lower pressure? correct. which whether we as off road enthusiasts like it or not, drives their concentration to making it extremely good on the tarmac. They seem to be doing so whilst not neglecting the off road ability and requirement to be able to do so (More because of history than actual market demand). Which, to me at least, is quite admirable. And D4's, which this lines directly up behind by my judgement of the market I have. Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal, etc. Now that (for the most part) is something I definitely agree with. IMHO they made quite the looker with the L494 Range Rover Sport. I really quite like its styling. the Big L405 RR too... But they seem to have latched on to that face, which doesn't suit the other models so well having been squashed, stretched and pulled about to fit. I'm actually looking forward to the full unveiling of the new defender. From what I've seen so far it may be the first step away from that Range Rover styling in the last 6-7 years, but built on a platform that to me at least has proven to be more than adequate.
  11. Close enough, Development Engineer at Bowler. The TC system is highly advanced, as - is the torque vectoring system. (basically one and the same) It does take into account steering input, engine load, engine speed, wheel speeds, current gear, pitch, yaw, Rear and center E-diff status (Locked-unlocked and everywhere between), steering angle and hundreds more.
  12. Long enough, I also race in Ultra4 Europe, so I get the big tyres/Lockers/massive flex argument. But many of these features are hardly applicable to a consumer level fleet vehicle. My current job also contrasts this whilst still remaining in the off road vehicles sector. I don't have a figure of how many miles and/or types of terrain I have covered off road, but it's enough to take a good grasp on what is suitable for use by a large consumer market.
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