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Dual battery box

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I'm in the process of installing a dual battery system and wondered what people have done with their Relay for air con and stuff, that is in the way, cause there is so much room in there to put two batteries? Anyone got any pics? or information on how to do this?

Thanks ted

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They are oddesey 1500, and are mounted on a Devon 4x4 tray. Everything is kept very tight to make the most of the space available for carrying kit/spares. I've added Anderson connectors under the bonnet for jump starts etc. so don't need to get to batteries.

I don't know if the Dynamat has made any difference in there but am sealing every joint, then Dynamating everything. I have fully sealed battery box, and thought would be good keep quiet, stops items from rattling, keeps better temperature for batteries, and I think it will help keep cabin cooler in hot conditions.

So how busy is your battery box? Photo?.


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Sorry will get round to photo's but a bit busy at the moment.

regards to the dynamat, is it wise to totally seal box up regarding the gasses that are released from the batteries, unless the oddesey's don't release gasses? I'm thinking of getting some optimas and then sealing the battery box to stop water getting in on deep water crossing.

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I looked up the Odyssey brand after reading your post, and I'm very impressed good setup and looking round a fair amount of Defender people use them so must be a good fit. As I said it looks as if you have loads of room in there! The battery tray from Devon 4X4 seems to just level the floor out so the batteries are sitting level all the time? Pictures will be coming soon.

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On 1/19/2014 at 4:58 PM, mmgemini said:

I re-made my battery box with flat sides and flat floor. This gives me more room.

There should be some pics on here, not everybody wants to cut the battery box like I did.

Hi - this is exactly what I have been thinking about - I am trying to mount 2 x 105AH batteries - which will fit - but doesn't leave much room above the batteries - but cutting out the bottom and welding in a new plate - maybe - would give so much more room - is that what you did ? Any tips, tricks or pics by any chance ?

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Let's see if I can help' I did my battery box many years ago. No welding just pop rivits. IIR there was two places for the build. Land Rover Addicts now defunct and Difflock.com. Try Difflock.com and if you have no joy I will try and post how I did it. As an aside I saw a lovely mod to the battery box in Namibia where the driver had cut the seatbox side and fitted a drop down panel for the fuse box. I wish I had seen that befor I did mine

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Thanks - I tried to search on Difflock.com and did find one of your posts - saying rip the old box out and put in a new one - but couldn't find anymore ūüėě

I have seen YRM do a replacement box that seems to be a bit deeper but not sure what to do. Fitting this box means taking the seat out etc and completely removing the old box and fitting a new one. So was wondering if I could cut the bottom out of the box and just fit a new "floor" ..... hmmmm

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Right let's see what I can remember. The first thing is the battery as fitted just about sits on the chassis.

I didn't remove the seatbox but cut it out with an angle grinder, make sure you miss the chassis.

There's rivets all over the box I  drilled them out.

My box is made in a number of peices.The firsr peice is popped to the seatbox down to the chassis and bent for a battery to sit on.

 IIRC I bent the top of that peice towards the pass door to give more width. which I don't thik was really needed.

So a bend at the top for the rivits  then down towards the chassis and then bent over the chassis.

The outside of whats left of the battery was removed by removing the screws that hold the seat box down the pushing the bit out with a bolster chisel. That new peice was bent to fit to seat box folded down and to be held in place by the searbox screws. Now you have the peice held in place  at the seatbox, Bend that so you make the floor and attatch that to the other bits of the box. Front and rear bits can now be made and fitted.

It's at least 12 years since I did this, Ask if you'd like more.

Have you don a search on here to see if there is anything


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