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Megasquirt 3.9 V8


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Well after a battle getting to the start stage of this Megasquirt install I turned the key today.....

It just burst into life.... just amazing... sounds so different to the old setup...


I turned it off......

And for the life of me the nasty thing will not start...............

Any ideas?????

I have touched nothing. so it started. it ran for 20min.... no hastles. turned it off. Tried to start it again straight away.... no good.!!!!

Is this a common fault? do I have enough earths?

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Disconnect battery, I had this at one point, basically the ECU was being kept alive by a wiring fault, I forget what it was though!

Then try again, see what happens, and fingers crossed.

Also check a plug or two, see that they are not flooded/choked up badly.

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Well, it seems you are on the right track.

After removing the plugs..... all 8. and replacing them with another set(not new) it fired up first turn. the 8 i removed are soaked in fuel.

Is there a solution for this issue of flooding? of course it will not start again after running for a time.

not that im complaining... it runs!!! it idles at 2200rpm ( nicely ) no hesitation revving at all. no Air leaks..... that I can see.

I also have no reading on megatune for water temp.... but it comes up fine on the gauge. although I do need to sort the radiator........ it is blocked up...

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AH !

Guage in car is mechanical guage on engine

Guage on MS Megatune if showing -40 means Water CTS SEnsor is not working either wiring fault of more likely sensor fault :

From me website :

CTS (Coolant Temperature Sender) Sensor

Genuine Branded 'FAE' CTS - 'Coolant Temperature Sensor' - with correct codes for Megasquirt ECUs. If you suddenly find your engine is running very rich, starts fine but as it warms up gets worse then open 'Megatune', look at the Coolant Guage. If it reads -40 then this sensor has failed. DO NOT Buy an Intermotor unit - you'll be replacing it very soon again, FAE are the highest quality, and this unit is useful to carry as a spare - Hot CTS Sensors do not like ice cold water long term - even FAE ones

Its massively flooding the engine cos it thinks its a cold day in siberia !


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The temp sensor plug had not had the pins seated correctly....... click... and their in...... starts first time every time....

Cheers Nige,

Although If you have a suggestion on how to get it to Idle below 2000RPM that would be great

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