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L322 Suspension Failure


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Hows this for murphy having a bloody good laugh. Had the truck in my field dragging an animal house to a new paddock. When a bloody great bang went off and the front end dropped flippin great failure of front suspension unit. Drove vehicle carefully down to my local specialist to have it changed, didn't have time to do it myself and barely worth the effort for what he was going to charge to change it out. Job complete ready for test drive and they don't get it off the forecourt before the other unit blows. Can't believe that after 130k miles both units go within 5 miles of each other :angry2:

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How common are catastrophic failures like that anyway? They certainly aren't common on the older types of Range Rover, they generally just develop slow leaks. Sudden failure tends to be old hardened bladders pulling off the pistons under severe articulation, or if you're really unlucky a sharp branch or such like puncturing a bladder. Sudden failure like this at speed would be at least seriously scary, so I can't imagine it's something that wouldn't be well known if it was common!

What sort of condition where the suspension bladders (rubber part) in?

I can't help thinking the odds of two catastrophic failures on one truck, this close together and both under very undemanding low speed conditions is seriously unlikely without something else going on!

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Both went in the area at the bottom of the strut which is being continually worked both appeared to be in similar condition, whilst worn neither were badly degraded/perished? As far as I could tell they were both original items. The failure left a hole in each bladder you could stick your finger in.

I agree national speed limit failure would have been exciting.

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