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Discovery light-stalk not working

Orgasmic Farmer

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Mate bought a Dsico 200tdi at auction yesterday. Low miles, nice condition. We took it for a spin after dark only to discover the lights do not work. Sidelights are fine and if you pull the main beam flash towards you it works too (its how we got home in the dark!). I seem to vaguely recall that this is caused by a breakage inside the column switch which can be fixed by soldering a bridge wire across two terminals but I may be completely wrong. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how have you fixed it short of buying a new switch.

PS I have not tried obvious things like fuses yet.

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Had this on my Discovery when it had the 200 Body on it. If I remember correctly a wire had broken off in the switch. We took the switch apart and resoldered the wire back on. It went again a few years later so I just went ot a scrappys and got a nearly new one from a Montego. I think you wil find this switch was fitted to a lot of BL/Rover cars. You can also put a bridge wire from feed side of the sidelight fuse (or any permanent live) to the output side of the dipped beam fuse. This works but it's obviously only a temporary fix.

BTW the switch only cost a fiver.



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Most of the Pre-94 face-lift Disco's did not use relays for the headlights - the supply is taken directly through the stalk switch then to the headlights. This is a fairly common failure (despite what some of the mags may say!) due to the current flowing etc. over time the contacts wear out causing heat build up and eventually breakdown.

You can either attempt to repair, replace with new until it goes again or rewire the headlights via relays.

The last option also reduces the volt drop on the circuit and helps increase the oxygen flow to the candles on the front of the car!

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