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Home made 3 link.


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I've been reading with real interest about all your varying front and rear suspension systems. I am modifying my 100" chassis and would like to incorporate the good ideas you lot come up with.

I like the 3 link idea over the swivel type that Mr X eng is doing simply because it's simple.I'm not dissmissing the mans very capable engineering skills because there way above mine and most others me thinks.

I've taken some pics after my idea of fitting a 3 link to a standard RRc chassis.





If you modded a hockey stick and mounted it above (closely above ) the propshaft it would clear all engine bits except maybe the oil filter on the V8.

Using the gearbox x-member modified to hold the stick just to the right hand side of the prop as on my RRC the prop does not run straight.

I'll have the rolling chassis at the unit next week.Doing it as cheaply as i can i'm going to fab the set up on my Chassis.

What are the limiting factors?

Front prop?


any help would be appriciated.

I think that it must be able to be adjusted in length to alter the camber/castor angle?

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I agree that 3 link is a better solution - but it involves a fair bit of modification to the vehicle. It can be bolt on - but it isn't a cheap way of doing it.

My idea was really just an experiment - inspired by people saying it doesn't work - or at least it doesn't work that well in a simple form.

Some things to consider in your design are the amount of force going through your third link (the middle one). Making that, and the cross member strong enough can be an issue.

It may be what you are suggesting, but one could mount a single hockey stick in the middle of the axle (or close to) with solid bushes at the axle end. That would restrain the axle from rolling on accelerate and brake. Then add a sawn-off hockey stick like the one I'm using on either side where they would normally be. Leave the panhard rod where it is and the axle should be held in place just fine.

The standard hockey sticks are fairly over engineered - and I suspect a single one would be enough to stop roll - in fact - that's all there is on mine.

That reduces the fabrication to a bush in the middle of the cross member (which doesn't need to be as strong as standard 3 link as some of the force is taken by the sawn-off sticks. plus a hockey stick mount welded to the middle of the axle.

Not a bad idea come to think about it! Might even try it myself if the nay-sayers turn out to be right!


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Not a bad idea come to think about it! Might even try it myself if the nay-sayers turn out to be right!


Si, the next time i'm out with Pete's motor come and have a look at it, as that's how he did his front axle.

moves very well, holds the motor level'ish.... it's running +6'' shock's on raised turrits...ok it's only used for trial's and playing, but it works ok.


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Si, i want the hockey stick over the top of the diff/prop which is not central.

Is there a proplem with torque putting it there?

What bushes/joint would you suggest? you say solid ones.Metal ones or nylon etc?

Going to lambs liar,mendips, tomorrow trialing then out with the 9"! (grinder :blush: )

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