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Starting the TD5 below zero

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We had our first below zero night here in Switzerland. Defender started this am but the fuel pump was screaming then I lost all power. Subsequent attemps to start yielded the most pathic barely on performance I've ever heard.

Having lived in the land of permanent summer for a while, getting used to winter is hard enough. Having no defender makes it far worse. I tried a search on this topic, but all I came across were usefull posts on how to install heaters, but nothing getting the motor to run.

Any help would be appreciated.



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ahhh that explains it - pump it out and get some local go go juice, it wont wax when it gets a little chilly

the gear in Slovakia is good for minus 20c, after that a bit of parafin sloshed in seems to liven it up, bottles of rum or vodka have also been used in emergencies ;)

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Eeek, I hope you did not kill the VERY expensive pump.

Move it somewhere warm. Get A LOT of diesel fuel conditioner in it and circulate.

Over here you can get stuff call Powerservice 911, http://www.powerservice.com/. It is intended to unfreeze frozen diesel systems. If you can get something like that, try it....

Get rid of that fuel and get some local fuel in there pronto.

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