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discovery td5 electrical issue


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Hi all, iv come to start my discovery this morning when i turned the key in the ignition the lights came on the dashboard as normal but when it came to cranking nothing happened and all the lights went out. now yesterday when it came to locking the it i tried locking it off the fob and nothing would happen for about a minute or so. and then all of a sudden after pressing a few times and also trying the key in the lock to which nothing happened also, it decided to lock.

once i finally got it going after a few goes this morning on the way to work i flashed my lights and the radio, clock, went off and abs and hdc and other light came on the dash board. vehicle still running at this point.

im struggling to think about what it could be and the only thing i can think of is the BCU unit, would you guys agree, if so is there any way i could test the bcu i.e nanocom? would that pick it up maybe?

any other ideas are more than appreciated

many thanks


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