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2.5L swap to 2.0L diesel


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I can't find much on the topic other than "it's expensive" or "why do you want to do that?"

My questions are:

What drive train mods are needed?
Do I need a TD4 rear differential and drive shaft?
Will my current gas tank work if I change the fuel pump?
what about fuel lines?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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You would find its not financially viable, as you would need to change so much more than the engine, as the electrical system is all different . The rear diff is the same , fuel system totally different . If you have a knackered V6 sell it as non runner , or break for parts , and go and buy a TD4 . HTSH

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Look a few posts down for the chap who damaged the rear end of his TD4 and buy that from him for cheap, then transfer EVERYTHING from one body shell to the other. The V6's have *many* differences to the 4cyls.

Or buy a scruffy TD4 for cheap and transfer bits of your V6 over to make it nice.

You will pretty much change the whole front drivetrain (even the prop bearings are different on the V6) and entire fuel system, plus probably have to dismantle a lot of interior to sort the wiring out. Whether things like the ABS unit will live with the "wrong" engine/gearbox is an unknown.

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