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is there an easy way to remove the starter motor from a 200tdi auto?


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If it's anything like the 300Tdi then to make life easy remove the inlet & exhaust manifolds, with the 300Tdi you can do it with them in place but its a test of patience - the solenoid being perfectly positioned to prevent the use of a 1/2" socket drive :blink: on the top bolt

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Just done a 300 tdi one this afternoon. Takes about 20 minutes?? Secret to undoing the hard to reach bolt is a couple of extension bars just the right length to fit behind the exhaust downpipe so that the ratchet fits neatly in the gap between the exhaust and the back of the alternator. Once you have this sorted the rest is simples. But don't forget to disconnect the battery before starting or watch the sparks fly!

The 200, IIRC needs to come out by dropping out the bottom, whereas the 300 comes out the top.

PS All my experience comes on manuals so it may be completely different on an auto!

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Like what's already been said, for the tricky bolt, make sure you have as many extension bars as possible to hand, So that hopefully you will get the right length one to fit the gap around the manifold.

And don't over tighten the stud that the thick cable attaches to, mine was a copper stud and I snapped it off while changing the starter one day!!

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