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Front anti roll bar links

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I've a 97 300tdi 90 with a front anti-roll bar. I think it was a County van converted to estate. Has anyone got any tips for removal of the anti-roll bar links from the axle other than using the official 18G1063A tool or similar? I have a similar looking Sykes splitter, which has served me faithfully for the likes of track rod ends but the fork isn't wide enough. Before I go and buy another tool, I thought I'd check for any wisdom, it looks like only that kind of tool can get into what is quite a confined space.


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Hmm, I wish you could explain that to my links! This one seems very comfortable where it is, no wish to disconnect from the axle at all. The manual does show a scissors type splitter in use, so LR must expect a certain amount of reluctance to part. On mine I think it is a taper seat on the axle end; the other end is as you say with a stepped bolt.

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Thanks, well that thread didn't appear on the search I did, but it's interesting it seemed to be possible with just a pry bar, mine seem much tighter than that. I have got the radius arm out the moment, but when it goes back I'll give it a try - by then it'll have soaked in plus gas for a few days.

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