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Propshaft/suspension issue on 300tdi conversion.

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice on suspension/propshaft please? My vehicle: 1986 110 300tdi conversion with R380 stumpy.

I have a resonant vibration in 3rd,4th at low revs which led me to suspect the propshafts. I found out the suspension might have been raised slightly (front springs c. 300mm, rear springs c. 340mm?) but propshafts are originals. The front prop has a tiny bit of movement in the UJs and when I removed it from the vehicle a circlip flew out and hit me on the head! I took it for a short drive with the diff locked and the vibration had decreased a little (but not gone completely).

So I am wondering whether to buy new springs to return to original height, and get a standard replacement propshaft or just buy a wide angle front propshaft (FRC8390WA) - both routes would appear to cost around the same. Am I right in thinking the rear prop is less sensitive to suspension change?

Any thoughts?

Thanks very much,


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with a slight lift, you shouldn't feel any propshaft vibration issues, is there any play in the slip joint? i would be checking for the same thing in the rear too. if the slip joints are fine then just replace the UJ's with new decent units spicer or GKN, not britpart.

incidentally, if you want to replace the propshafts as whole units, i would encourage to buy britpart, as they are repackaged spicer/GKN units, but they are cheaper.

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The vibration is only there under throttle, but if you put your foot to the floor it is reduced considerably.. Its as if you get through the resonance quicker?! There is some play in the splines of the shaft itself which I guessed was game over for it? Rear shaft is fine though - no movement at all.

Thanks for the reply.

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is it related to engine revs? if so you could have hard engine mounts, but if there is play in the slip joint i would recommend replacing it, and replace the UJ's on the rear shaft if you suspect them. if not just give them a good greasing while youre under there

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Yes its just low down in the revs but more so under load, yet in 1st or 5th its absolutely fine. The gearbox is a recon from Ashcroft so I'm not suspecting that. You could be right about the engine mounts though - are they just a different rubber compound? I'll get another (non wide angle) propshaft on order and see what difference that makes.

It isn't a huge problem as I can just avoid that part of the torque band but I'd like to preempt any possible failures related to it - such as the propshaft that was on its way out..


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