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current in CB antenna lead.

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Odd problem of the day - when flailing the lead for the aerial of the CB in the truck around (as I'm wont to do), it touched the bulkhead, and there was sparking. A tickle of the multimeter reveals that the outer casing's got a full 12 of my battery's finest running around in it. That's never right, is it? Never had or used a CB before, but I'm assuming that as the outside of the connector to the aerial is grounded, that plugging it in like this would be a faux pas...

Any clues?



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But there definitely shouldn't be current in the sheathing though, right? I thingk the CB it's self must be U/S as it's just connected to the aerial socket at one end, and the other's not plugged into anything at the antenna end.

The antenna should be passive. It possible the output power transistor has died.

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Check the ground wire of the CB power lead. The radio will pass current through the lowest resistance path back to the battery - if the radio ground wire is badly connected, then current will flow via the coax instead.

Probably won't have caused any damage if that's all that's happened.

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