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losing power intermittently for a few seconds and then picking up - ex


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Hi Folks, My 2005 Freelander TD started to lose/reduce power for a few seconds - almost like some thing was holding it back and then it regains power. It seems to get worse when accelerating. Also I noticed that during these periods of power loss the exhaust fumes increased markedly. I backed the car up to a grassy bank and revved the engine and the grass turned black very quickly. I just checked the oil and it looks black/sooty so getting that changed and new filter fitted tomorrow just in case that is the problem but I really don't know much about cars but I know the oil change etc won't harm it. Worried it may be something far more serious and any suggestions would be very welcome. PS Don't know if the following is relevant but I had a new clutch, duel mass flywheel and concentric slave cylinder fitted on 12 May 2015. (Cost £1016) Thanks for any help/advice anyone may have.



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Depending on your skill/willingness level the EGR removal is easy DIY stuff (4 bolts & 2 hose clips, near the front so easy to get to) would save you a labour charge.

Picture clue - open bonnet, look down & to the right, just to the left of the battery is the EGR valve (EGR blanking doohickey shown here):


The PCV filter and air filter are pretty easy too, just involves getting the engine cover plastic out of the way and a bit of dexterity (and a decent length 1/4" extension bar).

This is the RAVE manual piccy of the PCV filter, the BMW part is cyclonic rather than fluffy element so lasts forever (steps 1,2,3 & 4,5,6 can be skipped):


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I'm starting to have same issue

it happened to me 2 years ago with my td4 2.0 and was then Boost pressure solenoid

that fixed it then , have similar again mostly on trip over 45 mins drive or more, sudden loss of power , then goes back to normal , may happen few time on trip

I have egr conversion kit installed so not egr for me and got injectors rebuilt this year , had service not long ago,

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Hi I had this holding back problem on my Freelander (petrol) it turned out to be the VCU 4 wheel drive unit - apparently the liquid in the unit had or was losing its (viscosity)solidifying therefore causing the holding back feeling especially when reversing. Had it removed so only front wheel drive until I can afford a reconditoned VCU

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