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Starting Issues + 1 other question

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Hi all,

I'm currently having a couple of issue with my defender starting, sometimes it will start fine and first time, other times when i turn the key you can here it try to turn over then struggles and sounds like a flat battery, what are the best ways to try and figure out whether it is my starter motor or the battery that is starting to give up

My battery is reading around 12.2V +/- 0.2 when off reading of my internal voltmeter, when running around 14.1v +/- 0.2

The other question

my 200tdi engine has started to feel a little bit more sluggish, and espcially when going into 4th gear it seems to have a drop power then takes a while to get up speed again. e.g in 3rd gear will do 35mph then i need to change gear to 4th and when i do it will drop about 5mph then take around 5-10secs to get from 30mph to 40 ect once up to around 45mph it seems to have enough ummph and will go along nicely, just seems really slow and sluggish overall.

could this be due to my turbo going/have gone ( if so how do i tell)

or any other suggestions

sorry if any of this is vague im not to technical at cars atm still learning :) but learning in style with my defender

any help is much appreciated


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So your alternator is working as it should, as above I would have your battery load tested. Batteries can become weak where they show full voltage but as soon as a load is applied they become weak and voltage drops.

If this comes out alright then you must have a dodgy connection somewhere in the high amperage side of your starter circuit. My truck has one of these and I know it's the isolation key as if you turn it off and on again it cranks like normal.

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First of all u would replace the fuel filter and lift pump and see if this fixed youp problem. Failing that I would install a boost gauge, you should expect to see around 9-11psi at full boost. If so, your turbo shouldn't be an issue.

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Cheers Discomikey & bowie i will get these tried and tested,i also have an isolation switch in place so i will get that tested to. i have a boost gauge on the way anyway, i will have a look at the fuel filter and lift pump. see what i can find.

cheers guys


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