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FORTE - Stockists in the surrey sussex hamps areas ?


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Motor factors I have rung around ARE CAF WHOOPEE none have it - motor trade accounts now only :blink:

Have just had a text from mate in mit source - phone call coming. :D

Clutching at straws ? Me ?

Yep absolutely.....


A couple of knowledgable mate have sqeaked "Injectors" from my limited knowledge on them there can be either an elecritcal problem / ie not working due to injector not fireing / short circuit, but the other is that the injectors can get gummed up abnd instead of spraying an atomized mist of fuel it "Squirts! and then the fuel in in the chamber but cna't ignite, this can have werierd effects all around the enhine..

as such for the sake of 2x bottles of this and a blast about it might just have zero effect, BUT if it has a mild effect or cures it then I may be onto something, in which case its tear engine apart for ultrasoniocally cleaned injectors..

For the sake of a few quid to try has to be worth a go ?

I have another set of Eales / Jag Injectors, so may get them done in advance anyway.... :huh:


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