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Hands free cell phone


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Hello. I have bought a 2002 Freelander TD4 which I am extremely pleased with. It's only covered 40k miles, as confirmed by the full set of MOT's and service history. It has a Nokia hands free kit fitted but no phone. The phone holder has two pins protruding from the base which obviously enter the base of the phone when is positioned. QUESTION - Which model of the Nokia cell phone do I need and where might I find one?? Please help.

Thank you.. Dave

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crumbs - probably a Nokia 6310 i should think. They seemed to be the go-to for car kits back then.

Surely easier /cheaper to use a more modern phone and hands-free kit?

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Some in car kits required a cradle to connect to the system. The cradle is specific to the phone make and model.

Not sure if this is true for your style of hands free kit though.

My own custom hands free holder the radio is bluetooth


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