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I have just aquired a 90 td and I was wanting to put the v8 out of my old discovery into it. I have all of the wiring from under the bonnet through to the ecu but I scrapped the discovery and I'm now wondering if I have all the required loom to get it running. It was a 1995 serp engine, there are 2 plugs near the ecu plug which I think 1 is for ignition but not sure on other. Anybody have any idea on what parts of loom I may be missing?

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It sounds like you have what you need , probably easiest way to sort is sit down with a discovery wiring diagram and see what wires go thru the plugs (colour coded) and work out what you nee to run the engine IIRC you will need about 6 wires to the harness from the 90 harness, eg ign , start , temp ,oil , etc. HTSH

ps you will also need a speed signal pulse so the engine knows when its moving and not just at idle .

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I have used the little box type pulse generator from RRC in two piece speedo cable in the past . I think you could use the transducer from a TD5 defender or lecky speedo disco , as all it needs is a pulse signal dont think its critical as to rate (one type is twice rate of other) they use the signal for fuel regulation to idle or on overun so will affect economy . HTSH

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