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Stub Axle Bush - FRC4319

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Hi, All,

I'm still on my front axle o/haul and am having an unexpected problem. I've already rebuilt the right hand side, complete with a new half-shaft and new CV joint, and managed to get the end float within limits, thanks to robertspark, but the left hand side is providing a problem. When I torque up the bolts that secure the stub axle to the swivel housing there is something binding the half-shaft so that I can only turn it with great difficulty and there is no end float at all. They are the original differential, stub axle and half-shaft, and I'm not aware of having altered anything on them. The half-shaft appears to be fully into the differential, stopping travel with a solid "thunk".

The only thing that I can think of is that the stub axle bush, FRC4319, has come slightly out of the stub axle and the stub axle bush is binding on the half-shaft. If somebody has a Defender stub axle easily accessible could you please measure the extension of the bush beyond the steel of the stub axle. Mine is 2.7mm. The WSM instructs to press or drive-in the bush to the shoulder. Since I can't see any shoulder, I assume my bush is fully pressed home.

Could the new right hand half-shaft be obstructing or preventing the original left hand shaft from entering the differential to the same extent as previously? Should I grind down the inboard end of the half-shaft to give the required end float? Unfortunately, I didn't measure the new and old half-shafts to ensure they were the same length, and since the RHS is fully built up, I'm reluctant to strip it again.

Has anybody got any idea what is causing my problem, please, and how to resolve it?

Many thanks, in advance, for lots of good suggestions.


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The new shaft would hit the diff cross-pin, not the other half shaft, so that is not the problem. It seems unlikely that the bush inside the stub axle would move, but it is possible. Use a dentists mirror (you can buy them in pharmacies, and are very useful in mechanical jobs) to look inside the stub for a gap.

Have you checks the splines are clear on the diff end f the shaft? A bit of damage or a wear step could be responsible.

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I checked all dimensions carefully and decided that there must be some sort of wear lip inside the axle case or differential. I gently :unsure: applied my lump hammer to the outboard end, and it suddenly slid in another quarter inch or so. End of problem. The rest of the stub axle went together text book fashion, complete with overhauled calipers with new s/s pistons. :i-m_so_happy: Many thanks for your thoughts, Snagger.


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